Saturday, 21 July 2012

Architecture: Coca-Cola 'Beatbox' Pavilion x Asif Khan & Pernilla Ohrstedt

The new Coca-Cola 'Beatbox' pavilion will be unveiled on the opening day of the Olympics

Situated at the London 2012 Olympic Park we have the unveiling of another spectacle landmark to mark the arrival of the 'Greatest Show on Earth' at the British capital. 

The Coca-Cola spectacle will become a new 'go-see' for London Olympic tourists

A creation from London architects Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt, the lower section of the design aesthetic is formed completely of interactive ETFE facade panels at the human scale. Visitors are able to orchestrate 'a musical collage of sporting sounds' by touching parts of the eccentrically designed structure.

Touch sensitive white ETFE panels will enhance the experience 

With the pavilion due to open its doors on the inaugural day of the Olympics on 27th July, guests will be invited to enjoy this latest addition to the Olympic Park as part of the whole experience, and should also form part of the 'Olympic Legacy' in London.

The vast amount of glass will open up the building to the Olympic Park

The aim of this new scheme is apparently to 'bring teens closer to the Olympic Games by fusing sport with with their passion for music'. So as well as a music orientated building, young people of London will be able to engage in sport and physical activity at this exciting new project. Looks pretty cool!

Source: Various (including Dezeen, Coca-Cola UK and Getty Images)