OBWD Magazine is a tailor-made blog for young readers from all walks, and was born in Leicester, UK in December 2012. We consist of two dedicated students Tendai Taruvinga (left) and Lewis Fairey (right) who blog in their spare time. OBWD aims to effectively educate and inform 'the youth' on significant news and discoveries within the disciplines of independent and commercial art, music, design, fashion and contemporary culture. OBWD is an acronym for 'Only Bespoke Will Do' and we pride ourselves on being 'A Conscientious Digital Supplement Created by the Youth, for the Youth'. We showcase up-and-coming British talent, with an aim of providing a diverse and informative blogging experience. We are passionate benefactors of the creative field, and we are dedicated to showcasing young fresh talent through these difficult socio-economic times.

Tendai Taruvinga + Lewis Fairey 

Co-bloggers at OBWD Magazine

*All posts are written by either Tendai or Lewis, we aim to provide the source of any externally cited posts when possible at the foot of each post.