Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Awareness: #StopKony2012

Stop Kony 2012 is an internet viral campaign in order to STOP one of the world's most brutal dictators, Joseph Kony. Joseph Kony is a Ugandan dictator whom, for several years, has spent his life in exile, however at the same time he has been managing to rule the Ugandan nation under disillusioned autonomy enslaving young children, giving them guns, and making them kill there own people. To add to this he has oppressed his own people under his tyrannus rule, he has instigated the rape and abduction of many Ugandans for over a quarter of a century. 

So what do we have now in this campaign, well, Stop Kony 2012 is a campaign which aims to give the elusive and 'invisible' Joseph Kony the same amount of fame as some of the world's most influential entertainers and billionaires, some of which include Jay-Z, Rihanna, George Clooney and Bill Gates. Joseph Kony has been very clever in keeping his profile down, whilst producing some of the most sickening crimes against humanity which put him right at the top of the International Court of Justice's list of most wanted dictators. He currently has a warrant issued out for his arrest, and this is what this campaign is about. The campaign is about indefinitely seeking and arresting Joseph Kony, but most importantly giving the Ugandan people their lives and their country back.

So the question you now pose I guess is what can you do as an individual... Well YOU can sign the pledge and purchase KONY 2012 products The KONY 2012 awareness kit, for a fee of 30USD provides you with the T-shirt, KONY bracelet, Action guide, Stickers, Button and Posters. You can decorate yourself and the town with this one-stop shop. It's all about making the 'Invisible Children' in the video VISIBLE. Every child matters, and this should not be inclusive of what part of the world you are born in. Whether it's the 'third world' or the 'developed world, we're all humans. On the evening of Friday 16 March 2012 there will be an organised blackout in the US in which STOP KONY posters will be billed all over the country on the streets, billboards etc. let's hope this also takes place here in the UK. Please pray for the INVISIBLE CHILDREN, God Bless.

All STOP KONY merchandise and information can be located on the official INVISIBLE CHILDREN website. SIGN THE PLEDGE HERE.

Twitter: #STOPKONY2012