Thursday, 16 February 2012


Art Against Knives from Nev Brook on Vimeo.

The other day I (Tendai) was reading through my daily copy of the i newspaper as you do, and I came across an advertisement for an art exhibition in Shoreditch, London called 'ART AGAINST KNIVES'. The advertisement pictured a captivating image of a knife on a cliff edge with half of it hanging off in a Salvador Dali style (below). Art Against Knives is exactly what it says on the tin. It is an exhibition which aims to enlighten the public of the adverse rates of violent crimes associated with knives in London's worst areas. This follows the callous stabbing of young art student, Oliver Hemsley who attends the Central Saint Martins's College of Art & Design, which left him wheelchairbound. It is this that is the driving motive of this moving, but visually stimulating campaign - please watch the video above. It is important that art is studied in relation to fashion as it is a feature which plays a massive role in a lot of clothing design. Here are some of the pieces of art featured in the exhibition...

Art Against Knives have a collection of tees in various colours which have been inspired by art and Oliver Hemsley with all proceeds going to the Art Against Knives charity. The design is a colourful, but groovy tribute to the young man at the heart of this cause with a careful consideration to current fashion tastes and were created by the young artists heading the show. We love them here at OBWD and love the cause even more. Check out the design...

The Art Against Knives exhibition is ongoing at the BoxPark mall in Shoreditch, London.
The t-shirts are available on the official Art Against Knives website in various colours for the price of 31GBP. All proceeds go to the Art Against Knives charity.