Tuesday, 10 April 2012

OBWD TV: 10,000 Views Acceptance

We at OBWD which at the moment consists of Tendai (left) and Lewis (right) are more than grateful for all the support and love that you have been showing this page in recent months. So it is with great joy that we celebrate accomplishing our goal of reaching 10,000 views on the blog today and what a tremendous accomplishment that is. So this post is just to thank you our dedicated viewers and readers, so much for everything in regards to maintaining a steady flow of views that has got us to where we are today. It is a bit of a shabby recording on a webcam, but future OBWD TV post should be conducted with our handycam from now on, this is just a makeshift thing. We are genuinely so happy and pleased to know that people out there are coming back for more each day and that our reach is not only national, but global. We have managed to gain a sizable following in the US, which astonishingly makes up nearly half our views each week and we gain followers from many other brilliant nations across the globe. Please watch and listen to our video as all credit is to you and we hope that you continue to support and read our blog on a daily basis. Thank all so much.

This video and our 10,000 views are dedicated to our great secondary school teacher Paul Bernard Eccles who passed away today on Easter Monday, the 9th of April. May he rest in eternal peace. God bless x