Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bespoke Attire: Why Me?

Beenie £18, Hoody £40 Red Sweat £35

Grey Sweat £30, Black Sweat £35, T-shirt £20

Beenie £18, Shirt £45, T-shirt £20

Bobble Hat £20, Hoody £40, T-shirt £20 , Snap £25

'Why Me?' is not just a ridiculously fresh street brand, it's a lifestyle. This is the view of up and coming label 'Why Me?' and can we just say that we more than agree with them. Based in London the brand's ethos is that everything around us, our entire being and our life is a question. Rightly so we might add, have you ever had a stroke of bad luck or been asked to do something and literally thought 'Why Me?' Well this is the brand that plays on that mentality that yes it is you, it can only be you because you are unique. with this such raw basis the brand have derived a street line that that would not only make you stand out, but also makes sure that you have a motive behind your dress sense. After all i mean who wants to just to follow in the footsteps of the masses?

Looking at the store online we could instantly tell what our favourite garms were. The first thing that immediately caught my eye was their Green Corduroy shirt. Priced at £45 pounds this is one of their more expensive items, however it is sublime quality and just oozes originality. 

The next item in question is the 'keep all secrets' hoody in burgundy and let me tell you it makes you look stylish with ease. This jacket can be thrown with almost any items of clothing to give your outfit that extra bit of definition needed to make you stand out. For only £40 it is a great deal.

This piece of head wear has its own vintage feel to it yet could still be worn with almost anything. its loud pin stripes and bold lettering really draws attention to it making it a vital part of any collection and for £25 how can you say no? 

Last but not least is the classic 'Why Me?' Tag T-shirt. At £20 this simple T-shirt is the brands unsung hero, with a little tag on the front and a medium sized one on the back it doesn't seem too overbearing in anyway at all and so adds to its minimalist approach. It is definitely a case of less is more, as the lack of patterns or shapes speaks for itself in volume.

If you have fallen in love with this clothing range and want to see more head over to Why Me? now and grab yourself some luxury street wear.