Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bespoke Attire: Test Your Strength

This crisp, clinical line of clothing will give anyone out there a chance to look fresh. With a wide range of  precision garments from Tee's to Snaps and hats TYS is definitely one of the brands to keep your eye on in 2012. This young brand formed in Jan 2011 have flourished into what you see today, a friendly street line created for anyone and everyone. In fact TYS has designed its whole range around YOU, on the topic of inspiration they say that - 'We are inspired by the people that surround us, our passions, and the difficulties that life throws our way, overall the things that make us who we are as individuals'.We at Only Bespoke highly endorse such principals and morals, as in fashion it is important to constantly remain unique and individual. Here is some of there amazing range:

TYS's whole emphasis is 'Staying True and Being yourself' and we could not agree more. Test Your Strength are also set to be releasing tote bags and vests so be sure to keep your eye out in the near future, because we sure will. If you like what you see here and want to see more of the attire visit Test Your Strength.