Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bespoke Attire: B-Side by Walé

Visionary: B-Side founder Wale Adeyemi, MBE

B-Side by Walé is an innovative clothing line which was founded by young British designer and stylist Walé Adeyemi. The clothing label was founded in 1995, and has gained critical acclaim as a result of Adeyemi's awarding of an MBE in 2008 for his services to fashion. He modestly likes to keep himself out of the spotlight, but behind closed doors he has ideas and vision which are creating earthquakes in today's fashion world. From our perspective, Mr Adeyemi has established a highly reputable brand of which infuses street edginess with classy designs which are synonymous with high-end bespoke tailoring. The brand as whole is British, but expresses a continental look which elevates anyone who chooses to don the brand a status of tasteful demure and fashionability which is a cut above the mainstream. B-Side isn't the most profoundly known label out there on the market, which makes it brilliant for anyone who is seeking to have a wardrobe of new cutting-edge styles which really do establish the 'London look' without costing the earth. Us at OBWD think the designs and attire are brilliant, and would definitely recommend them to anyone with a keen eye for quality attire. Anyway, check out a few of the stunning garms they have out now at the moment...

Check out the official B-Side by Wale online store if you're interested in purchasing any B-Side garments.