Thursday, 16 February 2012

Events: London Fashion Week 2012 [Fall / Winter]

For those of you that are 'fashion week virgins', London Fashion Week is one of the four 'fashion grand slams' held annually in the months of February and September annually. The big four fashion weeks held annually across the globe consist primarily of  New York, Paris and Milan - the major players in the world of fine attire. February's fashion week represents the styles which are set to be available for the Fall/Winter fashion season of this year (yes already!). OBWD will be bringing you all the snaps of the styles and trends set to be sported throughout the week, with an insight into the happenings on and off the catwalk. London Fashion Week is held at the Somerset House venue, which is situated within the south side of Strand in central London. The Prime Minister David Cameron has recently come out in public to say 'keep it trendy not spendy' at this year's event what with the ongoing 'austerity cuts', we couldn't agree more with him here! London Fashion Week is a part tax-payer event which is subsidised by the Greater London Authority, showcasing 150+ budding designers running to a cut throat schedule. Here's a glimpse of what London in 2012 has to offer. See how it unfolds here at your blog - OBWD.

London Fashion Week begins tomorrow (17 February 2012) at 0900 (GMT) and concludes for the week at 1800 (GMT) on Wednesday 22 February 2012.

The event's schedule is available here.