Sunday, 18 March 2012

Review: Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again (Album)

For a man who has been put under tremendous pressure over the past few months, what with topping the BBC Sound of 2012 poll, Michael Kiwanuka has coped exceedingly well after being thrown into the public eye almost out of the blue. For those of you who still don't know who Michael Kiwanuka is and what he's about, well here's your guide. 24-year-old Michael Kiwanuka is an extremely promising artist who appears to have a genre of music which is said to be 'never out of fashion, but never in fashion' at the same time. The Londoner staved off international competition from Skrillex, Frank Ocean and Azealia Banks to win the Sound of 2012 poll in suburb fashion. The Soul-Motown revival sound that Kiwanuka brings to the table is incredibly smooth and lovable and the album, which is named after his debut single 'Home Again' is a classic, especially for those wishing to reignite the Motown fire. It is obvious that Kiwanuka, in this album, seeks inspiration from some of the godfathers of soul which include Bill Withers, Curtis Mayfield and Otis Redding, whilst also adding a personal contemporary acoustic touch. The man seems to be able to do everything, he can sing and play the guitar in such a modest display, whilst also having an tasteful vintage dress sense and at the same time keeping his feet firmly on the ground as an all round nice person. The album from start to finish is a wonderful display of Michael Kiwanuka's talents and emotions. He has managed to create an original album without falling into the trap of becoming an Otis copycat or another 'guy with a guitar singing about lost relationships'. It is obvious why he topped the Sound of 2012 bill, in an era where guitar music is flopping, he is bringing something cutting-edge and groundbreaking to the table. He takes inspiration from the right places, and uses it to create an album of his own which showcases his vocal and musical ability. It is brilliant that we have talented artists such as Kiwanuka coming through the ranks, and we hope that the album brings him a lot of success in 2012 and beyond.

Download: 'Tell Me a Tale', 'I'm Getting Ready', 'Home Again', and 'Always Waiting'

Rating: 8/10

The debut album 'Home Again' is available here from iTunes for £7.99.