Thursday, 23 August 2012

Culture: 'Street Stone' - The Hipster Makeover for the Louvre's Ancient Statues

This is what we at OBWD define as being sheer genius. Here we have a satirical caricature playing on contemporary fashion using sculptures within the Louvre museum.

The idea, of which is the brain child of French photographer Leo Caillard and digital media enthusiast Alexis Persani who is responsible for the curating and editing of the sculptures, uses skinny jeans, Wayfarers and boat shoes to re-introduce the immortalised idols into modernity.

Visual News - the source of this article - interestingly speculate on how the figures are 'no longer reclining figures from the distant past' whilst furthermore implying how 'we are able to see realism and humanity in each figure.' Both points are justified as we as near-dwellers are endeared to the images as we can empathise with them as they look just like you and me.

At first glance we genuinely thought that what we were witnessing was real, when in reality it was nothing short of an masterful illusion. It almost gives you that thought of 'why has no-one ever thought to do this before?'. Check out this video of the making of 'Street Stone'...

Source: Visual News