Friday, 30 March 2012

Bespoke Attire: Supreme x Vans x Campbells Soup + Nike Dunk Low Pro SB

These are a pair of sneakers that we have bags of time for here at OBWD. Supreme are simply dominating the footwear side of street attire, it is as simple as that. The drop from the Clark's collaboration hasn't even settled in properly and they are pumping out some more fine quality, fresh apparel for your feet that will leave you in awe.

Fisrt up we have the collaboration between Supreme, Vans and Campbells soup. granted its not the first choice design for foot wear, but thinking about it there is nothing more visually iconic than that humble tin of soup. First given a new look in 1962 by Andy Warhol, Campbells is a brand that everyone in its 120 countries knows and loves. So reflecting on the decision to put it on a the Sk8-Hi and Half Cab Models.

The next Goliath in the footwear department comes from that old partnership between Nike and Supreme. This fabled collaboration has seen this pair of brands go from strength to strength and what better way to celebrate it with re-vamping an old rendition of previous work. The gritty cracked cement contrasts with the blatant supreme red that courses through the trainer, an obvious piece that states both brands stamps clearly. It is nice to see an equilibrium within a collaboration, often one brand gets over shadowed, but not in the case of these two street veterans.   

These are a pair of sneakers that we have bags of time for here at OBWD. The iconic Campbell's Soup tin piece by the late great pop artist Andy Warhol has set up an incredible collaboration which features Supreme, a brand that can seemingly do no wrong and the form sneaker brand at the moment Vans in a three way partnership which can only lead to a quality finished product. The daring collaboration features the Campbell's Soup tin printed across the range of footwear in a modest touch that leaves us in deep anticipation of the final drop of this stunning edition to the Vans and Supreme collection. HYPE.