Thursday, 29 March 2012

Comedy Value: Loiter Squad

So, Loiter Squad dropped recently and made waves all around the world, although not all are good. The light hearted T.V short premièred on Adult Swim and was instantly criticized as being a stupid version of Jackass. What everyone at home has to remember is the fact that no-one on this planet holds the right act outrageous and pull pranks on eachother. The montage of skits although short is packed with laughs from start to finish, starring OF's Tyler, Lionel, Taco and Jasper it is sure to maintain its hilarity throughout the series. To find out what is going on visit Loiter Squad for updates.

To catch the next episode of Loiter Squad go to Adult Swim, its on Sunday at 11-30. Here is a sneak peak at this weeks episode, starring the 'Po-Po'.