Monday, 23 April 2012

Bespoke Attire: Daily Paper 2012 Summer/Pre-Fall Collection Lookbook

Coming through with an ever so relevant style round about now are Amsterdam outfitters Daily Paper. Here we are treated to a set of well modeled snaps of the latest attire Daily Paper will be placing in an up-to-date streetwear shop window near you. The images you are looking at will form the basis of the label's Summer / Pre-Fall range of attire, and it is very apparent that Daily Paper are very much playing to the sounds of the crowd with an extensive range of garments which reflect the very current vintage style which has taken the fashion world by storm, whilst incorporating an almost African / Aztec print with a few of the tees. Colour and youth radiates from the very fabric of these shirts, and we would definitely make a recommendation for the avid fashionista on this one. Be on the lookout at all 'major' online retailers towards the end of May as this is when these tees are set to drop. Get involved.