Thursday, 3 May 2012

Events: Jazzy Jeff's Vintage Affair 01/05/12

Yesterday evening brought us the premier of a revolutionary night in Leicester city centre. Held upstairs at one of the most thriving underground entertainment venue's in the city, Jazzy Jeff's night entailed an eclectic range of talents, clothing, art and good times. It was truly a wonder to behold the seamless mix of different vibes throughout the evening. With the Night consisting of Jazzy Jeff's Junk (Vintage Clothing), Kyo Kicks (Customized Footwear), Eliza De Lite (Burlesque), Sophia Ereminowicz (Acoustic) and Mat LaChat (Old School DJ) there was something to suit everyone's taste. This incredible night was the result of a simple idea to change the way we shop and entertain forever. Why should shopping be so formal? Why can't it be a casual experience where people can socialise, dance and enjoy some entertainment? So take a look at the photos and see if you agree.

What made this occasion all the more special is the fact that all proceeds made on the door went to the LOROS charity. This charity takes care of the the people that we love in their time of need and they charge nothing to do so. They help thousands of people throughout Leicester and Rutland every week so please take the time out to donate something, even if its only a few pound.