Monday, 20 August 2012

Tracks: Green Day - Kill The DJ

Here's a song we've had in our head's all week and we've not managed to pin down who it's by, to our surprised it's by seasoned rock 'n' rollers Green Day. 'Kill The DJ' is the much anticipated comeback single by the Stateside rockers after a hiatus of three years now which follows their widely successful eighth album 21st Century Breakdown. 

It's astonishing to think that Green Day have been around for over twenty years now and have had success in three decades, whilst still managing to create current and relevant music each time. 'Kill The DJ' has a vivacious melody to it, with the undeniably obvious catchy hook 'Someone kill the DJ' featuring heavily throughout the track, the band show their technical skill through their guitar playing skills to produce a fun and funky record. 

We're pretty impressed, and with their ninth studio album(s) ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡TrĂ©! waiting in the wings, we'll have to see what Green Day can do to a new decade, and a fresh new cohort of adolescent and adult listenership. Listen and learn kids...