Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bespoke Independent: KILLER Apparel

Killer pride themselves on being 'The Electronic Soul of Independent Clothing'

Killer Apparel are a Leicester-based independent apparel brand that draw inspiration from 'dirty electronic music' labeling themselves 'The Electronic Soul of Independent Clothing'. We were recently tipped off on the brand by Mackenzie Scott, knowing we whole-heartedly support indie clothing, also being a friend of OBWD Magazine. They describe themselves on their website as being supporters of the UK independent, - or 'indie' - movement which is not just limited to independent clothing, but more so encompassing independently produced and distributed musicians and bands alike.

'Microphone Slut' Tee - 17.99GBP

Killer aim not to 'rip off' the multitude of indie labels available on the market, but to provide a fresh unique and creative outlook on the lucrative industry. It really is all about the music with Killer however, who seem to have a simple ethos which involves getting young, open-minded, streetwise fashionistas into their garments at gigs and sharing similar musical influences by way of their exciting brand.

'Desert' Tee - 17.99GBP

Be on the lookout for exciting new prospects coming from this promising brand, who seem to have an innovative campaign behind them. Support Independent.

  • For purchases or for a quick browse Killer's catalogue click HERE - They do women's apparel too!