Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bespoke Attire: UNDEFEATED 2012 LA Lakers NBA Play-Offs Tee

Undefeated clothing never seem to disappoint with their range of what can only be described as being drop dead shrewd and says-it-hows-it-is apparel. This latest tee by the streetwear heavyweights is part of an unofficial promotional campaign for the 2012 NBA play-offs with a fierce slogan on the front of the tee stating 'Keep Talking Shit' partnered with the trademark 'four strikes and out' logo right beneath. The vividly bright sunset yellow tee is a rallying cry for fans to get behind the Los Angeles Lakers, with a bold and defiant caption on the front a snidy 'we love it' is issued on the reverse of the shirt just to add insult to injury . This is definitely a piece of sporting memorabilia Lakers fans will be eager to get within reach of. Gametime.