Thursday, 22 November 2012

New Music: BIGkids - Don't Give Up On Me (Acoustic)

Experimenting: Mr Hudson is mixing things up a bit 
We can't tell you too much about BIGkids - the incognito side project with Mr Hudson right at the heart, and Rosie Oddie providing the tender female vocals, but we're really loving what's coming from the duo. Earlier this evening we came across the following video, that was after Mr Hudson posted it on his Facebook page, of BIGkids performing a spine-tingling acoustic rendition of 'Don't Give Up On Me' and it's really got us at OBWD involved with what BIGkids are up to at the moment.

Like we said, it's a very 'incognito', cult-like approach with seemingly not many people, apart from Mr Hudson's close fans, knowing that he is even working on this side-project. The album NEVER GROW UP is out now and is available to download from all major digital music outlets. The cover artwork is very fun and quirky, and is highly representative of what the album is about. Mr Hudson's been very quiet lately ever since the release of his second album in '09 Straight No Chaser so it seems he gradually returning, you wouldn't think he was signed to Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music label. This acoustic reminds us more of the Mr Hudson and the Library days - Hudson at his best. 

Image: ASOS Blog