Thursday, 12 April 2012

New Music: Big L - M.V.P. (Cheapshot Remix)

This is a record that we discovered yesterday whilst doing another post and it's a remix of a classic old skool hip-hop tune entitled 'M.V.P'. Some of you who are old enough may recognise the lyrics in the vocals immediately, but it took us a bit of a while to figure out who it was and it is the late great Big L at his prime doing his thing. It's always nice to see music being recycled, and the artist who has put his own spin on this vintage 90s track has done an superb job of it. Seems to have been produced recently as the date of upload on YouTube says it was put up on 12 March, so it's not old! If you checked our 'ONLY Times - Warehouse Days' post yesterday then you'll recognise it, if not tune in anyway...

  • If you're loving the track you can download it for free all legit right HERE on the Sublvl music website. After all the best things in life are free!