Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bespoke Attire: Supra Skylow 'Bally' & Cutler Low 'Bally'

Arguably, one of the biggest names in street footwear have dropped their latest pair of kicks today. Although Supra are well known for their high tops, these Skylow 2 Bally's are nonetheless still impressive. With a mixture of mesh, leather and vulcanised rubber these could well be the ideal summer solution to their high-topped counterpart. They are essentially a futuristic take on the Skylow 2 White's, but more practical due to their colourway, whilst suiting the greyscale look well as it adds to the modern feel.

The next anti high top Supra trainer we bring you in the Cutler low, like the futuristic yet simplistic Skylow above, it hasn't been over done. Perhaps more basic than the Skylow it boasts a sportier look and could be deemed as being a sleeker, more refined version. Available in a navy colour this low riding trainer is an essential for that smart/street summer look.

Both are available in stockists worldwide and on the Supra website.