Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bespoke Attire Review: Who?

Who? is a skate/street brand from Cardiff that specialise in looking fresh. They have a varied collection with a few items and ideas that stand out. With various stockist all over the UK Who? have cemented themselves on the street scene by being original and staying true to the brand. The first thing we notice when we looked at Who?'s store is their snap backs, they are two of the finest that we have seen in ages! Available in two colour ways grey/burgundy and grey/tan brown, they are definitely something to admire and at only £29.99 they are worth every penny.

The next thing that caught our eye is the 'lucky dip', the concept of this is amazing and it is the first time we at OBWD have seen it being done. Simply choose your size and pay £11.99 (bargain considering all the tees are £15.99 and above) and they will pick a design for you, could be very rewarding if you are willing to gamble.

They also have some amazing stock besides theses items, there are a few below and even more on the Who? website.