Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Here we have an absolutely huge anthem by UK female rapper Amplify Dot (or A Dot for short), it goes by the title of 'Kurt Cobain', and it's basically about 'living fast' like the song's namesake. We actually came across this single a couple of weeks back on our favourite radio station, BBC Radio 1 and instantly took note so we could try and eventually put together a post when the video appeared. The video dropped a couple of days ago, and it's already been getting people talking on the Twittersphere and gathering sizeable momentum and praise. If you don't know about Amplify Dot, give this one a spin - it's got a lot of potential to be a soundtrack to Summer 2013. At a time when female lyricists seem to be prospering, what better time for the UK to make its mark, hey? Watch this space...

  • 'Kurt Cobain' is out 28 April