Monday, 11 March 2013


If you're sat there wondering what 'Thfkdlf' means, then you need to sort yourself and your wardrobe out. 'The Fucked Life' is a quality Shropshire based brand that is dedicated to bringing us the best in acid wash, tie dye, prints and many other variants of clothing. Starting from back in 2011 'The Fucked Life' have had time to really grow and hone their skills as an independent brand and become what they are today, a well established cutting edge garment manufacturer. That's right, they even hand make all of their clothing within their own studio, we are rather impressed with Thfkdlf and we think you should be too.

As you can see their present collection is something to be admired and adored. These and more are available at their online retail store, we also advise that you check there blog out as it has some awesome material and some helpful FAQ's.