Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Releases: Lana Del Rey - National Anthem [Preview]

Lana Del Rey is up to her seductive old trick again in the preview for what is to be her next single 'National Anthem'. The 2012 breakthrough act disclosed the trailer video earlier this afternoon on twitter almost out of the blue, with it already inducing hunger for the full video. The latest mid-century inspired Marilyn Monroe-esque portrayal in this latest motion picture features a guest appearance from Mr A$AP Rocky with him engulfed in a mass of smoke whilst puffing a cigar as Lana Del Rey appears to be serenading the rapper. A lot of flashes of American patriotism and history in the video so this interracial love may hark some significance in the final take, who knows. It leaves nothing to the imagination so we're looking forward to the gangsta chick's release of the full vid which should only be a hot minute away. Snap.