Monday, 9 April 2012

Artist: Liu Bolin

Born in Shandong province this master of fine arts has had his work in various exhibitions around the world. Liu's artwork has earned him the title of the 'Invisible Man', this is due to the fact that his artwork sees him blending in seamlessly to his surroundings. Liu says he 'began this series, protesting the atrocity of the government' This is due to the Chinese government demolishing an Asian village well known for its artistic talent. It is easy to see why his artwork has seen him be in various solo exhibitions and over 35 group exhibitions. Invisible is definitely the word that we would use to describe him, as you literally struggle to see Liu within some of his masterpieces. Take a look and see if you can find him, especially in amongst another one of our favourite artist's work, Kenny Scharf. 

Some of his most recent work is displayed in the video below and sees him and the French street artist JR on Elizabeth St in NYC, but this time instead of himself being painted he has to paint his French counterpart in one of JR's own street photo's.