Monday, 9 April 2012

Popular Culture: Viral Video of News Presenter Being Pelted With Eggs and Yoghurt

This is just some madness of a video we picked up earlier whilst watching Sky News again - the fountain of all knowledge, and it's one funny video, dam! This clip features a Greek presenter being pelted with eggs and yoghurt  by local anti-fascist protesters as he interviews someone. It's clear that the man on the right of the screen has the right idea as he jets off as soon as all hell breaks loose, leaving his estranged presenter in the frame of the studio to endure an onslaught of missiles. Our question is how were these protesters allowed in the studio with such items on their person as this isn't something that occurs every day! It's funny how the presenter (left) tries to wipe off the debris from his jacket thinking it was going to be a light shower, but it just kept on raining. Poor soul!