Thursday, 11 October 2012

Popular Culture: Guerilla Sticker London Underground Campaign

Real Fake: Guerrilla stickers such as these are said to be prevalent across the London Underground network

You may be wondering whether these stickers are real or not what with them looking incredibly similar to the ones used by Transport for London (TfL) on London Underground trains. Well, they're not - however, they are being illicitly being used by rebellious members of the public who are seemingly sick and tired of the barrage of stickers notices pointing out common sense information to travelling commuters and tourists.

We must commend the various artists behind some of these as they really are highly amusing. On first exception we thought the eye contact one was for real as it could be perceived as believable, but after reading the article on BBC News earlier yesterday afternoon we were reassured they were indeed fakes (more so propaganda) and were also provided with an insight into their production. The stickers are known to be produced by independent 'designers' and sold at various retail spots across London.

There are said to be Facebook pages where people post images of the stickers they have illegally attached to parts of London Underground rolling stock - it is also being donned the 'Guerrilla Sticker Craze'. Some do it out of fun, some are doing it to mock TfL and its own signage. The British Transport Police are said to be monitoring activity will be taking a zero tolerance stance on any participation, labeling the campaign 'graffiti', and an act of criminal damage that could potentially lead to prosecution. The producers on the other hand say they are harmless, and can be removed at any time so there's not really a problem. All very interesting.. 

  • Read more about it and watch the video on the BBC News website.