Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Up Close + Personal: WATCH. THIS. SPACE. Boutique, Leicester, UK

Cutting Edge: W.T.S. provides a splendid paradox to the Leicester shopping experience

As the birth place of OBWD, Leicester will always be at the forefront of our fashion experiences. It is perhaps this reason that the majority of people that live here have taken a more mainstream approach to their wardrobe. With a high street paved from end to end with an anti-consumerist's nightmare, it is no wonder that the rest of us have retreated to the safe haven that is online shopping, However, there is to be one reprieve - and that is a little boutique that goes by the name of Watch. This. Space.

W.T.S. is likened more so to a public gallery as opposed to a shop
From art, to accessories to fashion, everything is combined neatly and effectively

Tucked away neatly in St. Martins Square, Watch. This. Space is a small boutique, and almost a breath of fresh air for anyone with a fine taste for clothing wishing to cosily retreat away from the hustle and bustle of Leicester's densely populated high street. With a refreshing outlook on shopping, W.T.S. is set to transform the way that we view and interact with our garments before purchasing. The whole store has been arranged with precision to almost appear as if it is an exhibition as opposed to a mere retail space. The attire has been arranged in such a calculated fashion, rendering the items on sale as more than just stock, but almost wearable pieces of art that anyone can own. The clothing almost acts as an extension of the boutique's decor.

Creatively styled mannequins give customers food for thought 

Hand-made accessories are definitely a strong selling point for the ladies with an imperious selection

Comprising the very best in handmade and bespoke items from around the UK, W.T.S. are looking to revolutionize shopping for the upper echelon of the underground community, but with an eye to expanding and reaching out to a wider audience. This may have something to do with the fact that the whole store is comprised solely of independent clothing brands and is simply a pleasure to walk around. Each brand has been painstakingly selected and curated as part of the shop floor's aesthetic appeal. The main reason for the stock being of such high quality rests with the fact that it is hand-picked in order for you to feel like you are purchasing something unique, a one-off if you like.

The design of the shop is 'aesthetically tactile' leaving you wanting to touch everything!

Men's fashion is also catered for with artistically designed hand-drawn tees

Watch. This. Space.'s stock is comprised solely of independent brands. The owner's reason for this being that she feel's there is more to fashion than high street labels and they are keen to spread this message. There is a great deal of talent in the UK that goes unrecognized, whilst the superfluous and mass-produced is all we seem to think is available. There are so many small businesses that make quality clothing, but are struggling mainly due to the fact that they cannot gain the publicity and attract the sheer reach bigger labels seem to dominate. This is exactly what W.T.S. is about - bringing the general public outstanding underground clothing for our sake and for the sake of fashion, integrally.

If you would like to know more about Watch. This. Space. head on over to their Facebook. If your matter is regarding the more business side of things and you need to speak to Stephanie the owner, contact her via email where I'm sure she would be happy to deal with your inquiries:

Please head over. Please SUPPORT.

6 Silver Walk , St Martins Square, LE15EW, Leicester, United Kingdom