Friday, 12 October 2012

Bespoke Attire: Dope Chef Tie Dye & Camo Release

For those who don't know already Dope Chef is an 'urban-centric' (we don't like saying 'streetwear') label formed in London, and is said to represent 'everything that is culturally DOP£'. Dope Chef plays on the controversial and brings it to the forefront of our vision, and those that follow the brand on Twitter and Tumblr will know this. We see DOP£ as a high-octave street brand created by forward thinking, boundary breaking artists and designers.  Dope Chef has come to light in 2012 as one of the most highly sought after brands, with UK artists such Mikill Pane and Ed Sheeran both know to be keen fans of DOP£. 

What we have here is Dope Chef's recent 'Tie Dye and Camo' release, a creation which seems to possess somewhat of a wow factor on first glance. We're really loving this collection, especially the Tie Dye sweater (above), which seems to just radiates an aura of personality like no other, whilst at the same time possessing  a somewhat (Damien) Hirst-like quality and design process. The 'Camo' is also cleverly designed with the DOPE CHEF insignia wrapping round the pectorals almost like a neck-piece tattoo, which appears to be the intention. We'd probably think you're either one or the other - we love both, but take your pick yourselves...

DOP£ CHEF online store:
On Twitter: @DopeChef