Monday, 20 August 2012

Bespoke Attire: FATE's First Drop

A critical development in the UK street wear scene has taken place rather recently. East Midlands based urban clothing designers FATE have unleashed their d├ębut collection and are already turning heads in the underground fashion scene. With a duo of high quality simplistic tee's and an abundance of intriguing stickers FATE have made their intentions clear that they are here to stay and are keen to show what they are made of.

With two grippingly bold designs FATE have simply posing the question "Is everything we do already predetermined?" They encourage us to defy our mass produced destiny that has been dictated to us and take our lifestyles into our own hands. With the brand first coming to light in 2011 its clear to see that they have taken the time to assure that their first drop is exactly as they wanted, now their eagerly anticipated message can be shared to everyone.

FATE is not just a brand it is a movement and whether you are male or female this is something you need to be part of. Don't let your future be inevitably predetermined, decide your own FATE.

To find out more about the brand head on over to FATE's website, alternatively you can track them down on their Facebook, Twitter and their Tumblr. Stay tuned to their social networks, after all nothing disrupts fate like a spontaneous competition now and again.