Friday, 20 July 2012

Bespoke Accessories: HUF Hawaii Five Panel "Volley"

In a market that is flooded with brands, exclusivity is key. San Francisco skate originators HUF know this all too well, hence their new Hawaiian "Volley" drop is only on DQM, and will only be available in limited quantities from 11:30 tomorrow. The three individual 5 panels that are being dropped consist of a "Vintage surf" a "Black blossom" and a "Creme Blossom" and are sure to be a big hit with HUF's die hard fans as well as those who are unaware.

Head on over to DQM and see what other amazing stock they have whilst you wait for 11-30 to roll around tomorrow. The only downside to us being in the UK is obviously we are going to have to pay postage on everything under $75, but that's is a little sacrifice to look so fresh.