Monday, 25 June 2012

Bespoke Attire: Jelly and Cream

We aim to bring you the latest and greatest on the ever changing street scene and today is no exception. 'Jelly and Cream' are the brand in question and by God they're good. Founded in 2010 the online based street franchiser have amassed an impressive following all over different generations. With the likes of Mikill Pane being photographed wearing one of their prolific 'Cream' snap backs it's no wonder everyone is loving them.

Cream Snap £35

Dreamers Sweat £45

Kush T-shirt £20

These are just a few select quality items that have come straight from these urban garment designers, our favourite probably being the 'Swag snap'. It is an iconic JxC piece of urban ware that brings high end to the street. with a seamless blend of slate grey wool as well as a luxurious swede tan peak this little number is set to be a big hit this summer.

Swag Snap £35

If any of the items above have taken your fancy and have got your street taste buds longing for some 'Jelly and Cream' head on over to their online store now.