Monday, 25 June 2012

Bespoke Attire: A Bathing Ape Fall / Winter Lookbook 2012

Luxury streetwear would be one way to describe A Bathing Ape from a holistic point of view, especially when studying the fine garments the Japanese outfitters are renowned for producing, and it is to no surprise following the issuing of BAPE's Fall / Winter lookbook that we are treated to a range of clothing that is succinctly brilliant again, whilst at the same time stretching the barriers that seem to resist the street market, especially, from expanding into the main. Obviously, one of the main characteristics of BAPE's upper-echelon garmentry is the distinct quality and craftsmanship which almost creates a universal passport for the label to be able to self-regulate its high-end prices. With a warming range of clothing which has already sent the cold chilling fear of winter through our hearts already as a stark reminder, we are albeit thrilled that A Bathing Ape are willing to help us through the dreaded winter season by fashioning the following stylish garments. For those of you concerned, expect this stunning range to be reaching a BAPE retailer near you come the summerend. Cool.

Words: Tendai Taruvinga