Friday, 4 May 2012

Releases: Justin Bieber - Boyfriend [Official Video]


So after weeks of deep anticipation, Justin Bieber has finally succumbed to the pressure of releasing the video for his latest single 'Boyfriend' from his upcoming hotly anticipated sophomore album Believe. You've most likely heard the song already as it's been receiving mad airplay on music channels and radio worldwide. But the video is cool, Bieber's spent a long time reforming himself and changing his sound and you can tell that he is keen to put his pre-pubescent debut album My World 2.0 behind him. With many influences coming righteously from Justin Timberlake and as well his own mentor, Usher, it is evident that Bieber has refined his sound, producing falsetto almost at will whilst at the same time showing us his versatility by whipping out the guitar. Not a bad job so credit where it is due. Swaggy.