Sunday, 8 April 2012

Up and Coming: Kobi Onyami

To put things into perspective about this London Hip Hop artist, lets just say with coming runner up in MTV's new and unsigned poll 2012, as well as being on a track with Sway, he is definitely on his way to being the next big thing. Now that Kobi Onyami's 18 track album Green Green Grass is almost a year old is clear to see that he is largely underestimated and needs the respect he deserves. With the album including big tracks such as 'Nobody's fault but mine' and 'Inner city lights' its understandable why his fan base is expanding  rapidly. Now with Kobi Free styling over Sway's 'Level Up' he is making major waves in the industry, so expect to hear from him soon.

If you like the sound of Kobi's freestyle and think that you might be interested further visit his Facebook and Download GGG on itunes.