Saturday, 7 April 2012

Releases: Drake - Take Care (feat. Rihanna) + HYFR (feat. Lil' Wayne) - Official Video(s)

So yeah yesterday evening Drake released the videos for two tracks off of his critically acclaimed sophomore album 'Take Care', which were the singles 'Take Care' which features Rihanna, and 'HYFR' which features Lil' Wayne. Very interesting news for here us at OBWD as we were not expecting a double video release by Drake, with the two videos showing separate sides to the world famous Canadian rapper making it a very Good Friday indeed. The 'Take Care' video is basically a story of two lovers, which are played by Drake and Rihanna, and it's quite an inspiring eerily beautiful record in which both vocalist really do produce a track here that a lot of people in relationships can empathise with. 'HYFR' which is an acronym for 'Hell Yeah F*ckin' Right' is a video that describes how Drake has re-pledged his alligiance to the Jewish faith, with clips of him at the beginning of the video showing him as a young Jewish boy at his Bar Mitzvah, he fast-forwards us to today almost to prove that nothing has changed. With a massive congregation and Lil' Wayne featuring midway through the video as well, Drake shows us that he isn't ashamed or afraid to tell the world about the faith he practices. Seemed like a live affair if you ask us, guess our invite got lost in the post! Anyway have a look at both videos above... 

  • The singles 'Take Care' and 'HYFR' are available to download worlwide now.
  • The album 'Take Care' by Drake is out now worldwide.