Saturday, 7 April 2012

OBWD: Business Card Drop

So yeah, Me (Tendai) and Lewis spent most of the night tonight working on our business card as we were thinking as we're about to reach 10K in viewers very soon we need to start looking at the professional outlook on all the proceedings. We had a bit of a play around and after a bit of hair tearing and chin wagging we finally manged to deliver what will be the final design for the Only Bespoke Will Do business card. As we'll hopefully in the near future be making personal visits and conducting interviews very soon, we deemed it a necessary priority that we sort out the business and professional aspect of the blog and we hope you as our viewers and supporters like it as we take our work on Only Bespoke very seriously. We have some big aspirations for this project, and as we are about to reach 10,000 views it is very much exciting times for us two small-timers. Stay tuned.