Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Music: Kanye West - Theraflu (feat. DJ Khaled)

It's a brand new track by Kanye West and it's called 'Theraflu'. The new record by Yeezy was dropped a round about midnight by the 'Throne' rapper, with some online magazines and bloggers citing a deep message within the song which includes his relationships with Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian. It's definitely got the DJ Khaled spin on it, with the big intro and outro, Mr West goes in spitting about what he's achieved so far (as always), and the record basically leads with the question in the hook stating 'can't a young n*gga get money any more?'. It's filled with big bombs and a bouncy beat of which Yeezy articulately runs his mouth over the instrumental knocks us for six and walks away from the scene in a blaze of glory. Listen.