Thursday, 5 April 2012

Independent Exclusives: Famous Nobody

It's independent clothing labels like Famous Nobody here that inspire us and motive us to blog and scout for the newest in up and coming talented young fashion designers the world has to offer. So what do we bring to you today then, well Famous Nobody is an American brand which was established in 2007 being the brainchild of Charles Shephard, who also goes by the name of Mr Famous Nobody. Mr Shephard hails from Queens, New York, a city which generates a lot of the talented creative individuals who produce a lot of the cutting edge fashion and trends we buy into today. With his graphic design past, Shephard wishes to instill the notion of individualism with his fashion brand, tailoring towards more 'fashion conscious' groups as he states on his official site. We would guess that his inspirations come famous New Yorkers which would include Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, 50 Cent and Robert De Niro and without being to cliche his empire state of mind admirably shines through. Famous Nobody appear to us to be primarily a street apparel brand with an edgy eye catching set of tees out at the moment, it is clear that anyone who sports one of these wonderful tees will turn heads. What we also like is the fact that these t-shirts look as though they have been produced using a quality base material, which is always a must especially with up and coming brands, cheap cotton is definitely a no! We hope that Mr Famous Nobody will become simply Mr Famous (if you catch our drift) in the near future and he receives the recognition he deserves. Have a look please and support.

Famous For Being Famous $27.00

How You Say Broke In Spanish $27.00

If Not Me Then Who? $27.00

Viva La Famous Nobody $27.00