Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Review: Wiz Khalifa - Taylor Allerdice Mixtape

There has been a lot of talk about this mixtape, and not all of it for the right reason. When released, this free download containing 17 tracks from the 'Black and Yellow' superstar managed to crash the media sharing site that it was posted on. With over a million views and creeping to 500K downloads in a little over a day, it's no wonder really. However, this merely prolonged and hyped up the 'Taylor Allerdice' mixtape (to grab it hit up Dat Piff). This tape is very much to try and shed his spotlight persona and bring back some of his original fans that felt betrayed when he went global. Without getting into the underground vs top 10, we can just say that it's ace to hear some classic Wiz, doing what he does best making smooth tracks to chillout to.

Watch the Explanation behind Wiz's recent workings - Wiz interview.

The Orange and Kush spitter has reverted back to his old genre flow to relive some of the experiences he felt at high school. He mentions about how the mix tape refers to how he was feeling at school and the whole diversity that he was subjected to at Pittsburgh. During the interview, the Taylor Gang star said that he is spending a lot of time listening to 'The Internet'. This a big turn of events as it wasn't so long ago that the Taylor Gang and Wolf Gang were at each others throats due to the naming of a album/mixtape by Domo Genesis. Perhaps Wiz has had enough of all this 'beef' and has grown up, maybe even a truce?