Thursday, 15 March 2012

Architecture: Enzo Ferrari Museum x Future Systems

Here at OBWD culturing and informing are two key aspects at the heart of our manifesto to deliver a concise blog experience. We like to elaborate on a broad specturum of genres that encompass, what is generally known as, 'the creative world', and architecture definitely fits that bill. So here we have what can only be described as the finishing touches of what is soon to be the Enzo Ferrari museum in Modena, Italy. The curvacious building has been designed by world-renowned architects' practice Future Systems, of which whom notably designed the Selfridges building @ the Bullring in Birmingham (UK). The building will be respected as a tribute to both Enzo Ferrari and the founder of Future Systems, Jan Kaplicky who are both deceased, with Kaplicky having passed away recently in 2009 following the building's approval in 2004. He was the man who instigated the design which is set to be completed in June of this year. The building which funnily enough reps a yellow lick of paint all round in a Lambourghini fashion! saves itself with it's racy design which totally disregards its context. The ten horizontal roof lights resemble the vents of a Scuderia Ferrari F1 car, with it elegantly taking shape embedded within it's site with an extensive total glass facade. 

Roof plan portraying building within context

Seamless design with very little 'nuts and bolts' visible

Iconic eccentric design style (interior)

Roof windows giving an 'aerodynamic' F1 look

'Blobitecture' style reflective on
interior as well as exterior

Contemporary futuristic pristine white interior

Initial sketches to grasp design aesthetic idea

Source: Detail Magazine (Architecture)