Friday, 16 March 2012

Young Creatives: Jonny Dawson - Creative Writer

On the brink: Young writer Jonny Dawson is
exploring new creative avenues

Young third year Creative Writing student Jonny Dawson from Leicester (UK), is on the brink of endeavoring into the world of professional creative writing as he comes to the conclusion of his degree. This has inspired Dawson, at the age of 21, to compose a short story which he has entered into the Ether books short story competition in a bid to win a life changing prize. The prize for this competition by Ether Books is a publishing contract which could potentially catapult the young writer into the mainstream of contemporary English literature, and an Apple iPad which will also aid him in his chosen career path. Dawson has already started writing his own novel, and as a young writer is keen to graduate and begin his career within the field. We at OBWD are unconditionally committed to the promotion of young British talent, and we wish Jonny our friend, all the best in his latest pursuit. 

Please download the Ether Books app on you iPad or iPhone by following the instructions in the images below and then searching for 'Jonny Dawson' and reading and rating his piece entitled 'Zoo Times'. 

How you can help Jonny (CLICK IMAGES TO ZOOM): 

Twitter: Jonny Dawson @JonnyD400 - To find out more about Jonny