Friday, 16 March 2012

Undiscovered Bands: Decade

Where to start with Decade? Well lets just say that I (Lewis) was first introduced to the band when they were supporting Set Your Goals in Leicester and back then they were five lads from Bath (UK) who not only played well, but also had fun doing so. I had the honour of shaking hands with Alex Sears and grabbing a copy of there EP 'Lost at Sea'. Now although 'Lost at Sea' is an amazing EP, we need to talk about the waves that their current self titled EP is making through the UK. 'Decade' has proven to be a massive hit in the iTunes rock chart with it making No. 9! This has really got a lot of people talking about their unique 'Pop-Punk-esque' music style. Their catchy tracks make for effortless listening and for £2.49 you can't really afford to say no. Grab 'Decade' NOW!

This is their current single 'Never Enough', it and the video is amazing. The band is full of energy and a delight to watch, if you are interested in seeing these guys live you will be pleased to know that they will be tearing up the 'Hit The Deck' festival in Nottingham on the 22 April. All praise for their music aside, we checked their merch store out and these Bath boys have some fine garms. Now although there is only a few, quality items I would just like to suggest are the vest below. Perfect for summer and amazingly cheap at only £14 check out the Merch Store.

Twitter: @decadeofficial