Friday, 16 March 2012

Celebratory: 100th Post

We at Only Bespoke Will Do cannot thank everyone enough for viewing and supporting the blog on a daily basis as we celebrate our 100th blog post, it is simple as that. This started out as a simple dream and although we are still a small unit, we have no doubt that with the support of our viewers we will expand rapidly. With us already having pulled in 4000+ total views in the space of six weeks, on our 100th post we cannot believe that we are already expanding so fast as a collective. Our fans mean the most to us and we promise to keep bringing you the latest, the freshest, the most current in what we do you as young people are the ones who make up this blog. So we therefore want to dedicate this 100th post to all our fans and viewers from across the globe, and hope that you continue to show an interest in what we are doing here at OBWD Magazine. We have some very exciting plans for the near future with us already having had interest from some major organisations in regards to promotion and collaborations which are well and truly in the pipeline so stay tuned!

Tendai (left) and Lewis (right), co-founders in mid February at Tendai's 21st event

On the approach of the 100th post co-founder and editor Lewis expressed his gratitude to all our viewers stating, 'Thank you to all the friends and family that routinely check up on our blog because we nag at them to constantly, and also thank you to all the viewers that have strayed onto our site and stayed because they love and enjoy the content. Also, thanks for all the re-tweets and interest people have shown in our humble blog and the support on Twitter and Facebook. Peace.' There is a lot of excitement here at the OBWD camp, and we are committed to advancing and expanding further. We are currently pulling in an average of about 180-300 viewers a day, which is very modest considering the page only started in February. The other half of the brains behind OBWD, who is Tendai, also wished to pay thanks to the blog's many national and international fans with him saying, 'It is incredible how far the blog has come over the past six odd weeks, we've been pulling in viewers from all over the world, and it's just insane how quickly things seem to be progressing. We're just tryna keep our feet firmly on the ground at the moment as the future is always unpredictable, but there's promising signs. Just wanna say big thanks to everyone who is taking time out of their hectic schedules to view our stuff and hope they continue to do so, much love.' So on a closing note again thank you, keep supporting the movement and hopefully the future brings bigger and better things for OBWD. You are the Bespokers.

The 'Bespokesmen'