Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Technology + Innovation: Internet Explorer 9 [Advert]

Microsoft sells us their latest version of internet browser, Internet Explorer 9, brilliantly in this advertisement campaign which shows off the latest and greatest features of their current software venture. Featuring a backing track from the widely unknown, but critically acclaimed up and coming dubstep artist Alex Clare with his single 'Too Close', the advert directly targets the younger generation in this new digital age, promising a faster browsing speed, and new embedded tools and gadgets to help incorporate all aspects of computer usability after having fallen behind Google Chrome and Firefox in recent years in terms of speed. The advert was created Keith Rivers who engages us in an advert which makes you as a computer user want to download Internet Explorer 9 right away at the end of the ad. Personally, we don't know how good the product is, but this advert's definitely worth a watch.