Sunday, 12 February 2012

Essential Garments: Parra x Stussy Guest Artist Series Tees

Stussy - Parra from Stussy on Vimeo.

Parra have collaborated with Stussy in their latest fashion venture to bring us these fresh new tees with an amicable mix of the two brands. Stussy is a prominent streetwear brand which has always aimed to push the boundaries combining a tasteful artistic mix with an edgy, but subtle street vibe. Parra is an up-and-coming high end streetwear brand (of which we have a few garments ourselves!) with a similar artistic flow to that of Stussy which makes this combination here irresistible. This is definitely what we would define as the bespoke look here at OBWD. See what you boys and girls think anyway...

Also don't forget to check the video above for an insight into the artist/designer at Parra, very engaging view into his mindset. Bless.

The tees can be purchased through
Parra garments can be purchased through Rockwell Clothing

Source: Hypebeast