Friday, 10 February 2012

Premiere: Kanye West + Jay-Z

Yeezy and Jay hit the stage in their latest video 'N***as in Paris' from their collaborative album Watch The Throne. The two are both pictured donning their very own designer Watch The Throne tour tees. The video was given all the climax of a Hollywood blockbuster, but they don't disappoint in their latest venture. The video sees Mr West and S Carter in an overly trippy live recording of them on tour through the eyes of a kaleidoscope in a graphic and flashy video. Here's a warning for epileptic viewers!

The Watch The Throne tour tees were designed Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy and graphically portray West and Jay as what can only be described as wild animal hybrids! The tees rep the initials of the two rappers on the sleeves of the shirts as an intricate personal touch by Tisci. See for yourself anyway....

Kanye West and Jay-Z concluded the American leg of the Watch The Throne tour in fall 2011.
The album Watch The Throne is out now.