Monday, 25 March 2013


We've realised we don't do enough posts on architecture these days, and as we came across this flamboyant building we decided that it was worthy of an entry on the blog. This is a piece of architecture situated in the remote town of Port Hedland situated within the Western Australia region. It was given the name 'Wanangkura' which quite literally translates in English to 'Whirlwind', a term dervived from the aboriginal native Kariyarra language. The building which was designed by Australian-based firm ARM Architecture, and provides an eccentric touch to the Australian outback providing sports facilities to the local community and sports clubs, and utilizes adaptive technology which allows the building to withstand hazardous cyclonic conditions. The design of the Wanangkura Stadium is said to mimic the aesthetic of a desert mirage with its 'shimmering, rippling effect' on the semi-arid landscape - as quoted from ARM Architect Sophie Cleland. 

Source: Dezeen