Monday, 19 November 2012

In Popular Culture: FAKE Magazine Preview Edition 006 [FW12] & Reveal 2012 Annual

006: FAKE returns for the 2012 climax
With edition 006 of FAKE - the quintessentially British quarterly magazine by Birmingham based creatives Kerry Leslie and Sophie Benson, on the cusp of its eagerly awaited release, the two individuals have treated us to the annual of the year 2012 in FAKE. For those of you unbeknownst to FAKE Magazine, here is a brilliant opportunity to discover a conscientious well thought out independent magazine which focuses on fresh topics with every quarter of the year. FAKE fuses the best parts of contemporary high-fashion fashion with tales and stories penned by talented budding writers and up-and-coming poets, young and old. 

Edition 006 will be centred around 'myths' and various contributor's perceptions of myths with how you and I as individuals perceive myths lying at the heart. Here's what the editors Kerry and Sophie say:
“ From horoscopes, to the loch ness monster, a tale of extreme cleanliness, superstitions, the 'body beautiful', travel stories and much more, we explore all things myth-related through the mediums of poetry, fashion, insightful articles, illustration, photography, and short stories. 
So if that hasn't whet your appetite then you are crazy! FAKE is an exciting, professional and most importantly original project by two very talented individuals who really do deserve a lot of credit for the work they do (plus all the people that contribute), and we're all about getting good stuff out to the masses so make sure you guys get hold of a copy when 006 drops on 7 December. Make sure you check out the annual and get hold of all five of FAKE's previous editions. Real.

FAKE: The Annual, 2012: